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Rated Awesome: Peaches Brown’s “Peace, Queen”


The narrative of the accidental heroine is a story  of ambition meeting intention multiplied by happenstance and/or fate. Many of us stumble through our day-to-day lives unaware of the impact of our own greatness or potential for greatness on others. Our light shining outwardly, while we awkwardly negotiate our existence. We are sometimes oblivious to the effect of our innate sensibilities–our humanity– on others. We were reminded of this whilst reading a post by writer/ cultural curator and common grounder Shayna Jeffers entitled “Peace, Queen” on Peachesbrown.com.

Here is just a short excerpt from the piece:

“After the start of the meeting, I am speaking about tax stuff, incorporation, non profit, answering questions, etc. I can tell they really want me to be a part but I am not sure if I can commit, and I do not want to turn a situation sour because I may be unreliable. As I sit, listen and understand their needs, and can determine the capacity at which I am willing to extend my services, I just had to be a part. I will attend meetings once a month, and set up the financial documents and practices. As a black person that grew up in New York City, Brooklyn, otherwise known as Medina, the Zulu Nation is a cultural institution. To know they still thrive and I can really be party to the movement is more than any child of hip hop could ask. And who doesn’t want to be referred to as, Queen, in reference to anything you do? I mean, hello? “

To read the post in it’s entirety (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED) click here.

As you know and we clearly state on the “About the Chronicles” and “Behind the Chronicles” pages, The Common Ground Chronicles is all about giving everyday women a platform to have their voice be heard and hopefully connect with other like-minded women. Well, we know that we’re not the only game in town and every time we get a chance, we want to shout out other blogs that are doing what we’re doing in their own way. It is in this spirit that we have created the Rated Awesome feature series to salute blogs (and online magazines) we love that are by, for and about women. 

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