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Rated Awesome: No Country for Young (& Old) Women

Photo Credit: Found on No Country for Young (& Old) Women's About Page

Photo Credit: No Country for Young Women’s About Page

We are career women. We write about all kinds of women here on The Common Ground Chronicles; professionals in all fields from all corners of the world (and career moms as well). Our focus is on the whole woman (personal, professional and everything in-between). However, as career women looking for representations of ourselves wherever we can find them, we adore sites that harness the power of professional women of all ages to empower and encourage us (and women like us) to keep doing what we’re doing. And that, Common Grounders, is why we absolutely love a site that we inadvertently ran across just a few months ago while seeking inspiration—No Country for Young (& Old) Women. The website boasts everything from one-on-one Q&A’s (both written and video) with career women from across the globe to insightful quotes from some of the most prominent and professionally successful women that the world has seen to date. As such, No Country for Young (& Old) Women—founded and run by Elena Rossini— is a real Internet gem for those of us who need that extra push to keep doing the work to achieve our dreams even through the tough times. We think that the reason Elena started the website is pretty awesome too.

Here are a few of their recent posts that you can draw inspiration from:

Quotes: Marian Wright Edelman

Niam Itani, 30s, Filmmaker

Quotes: Mae Jemison

Anne Flournoy, 60s, Artist, Filmmaker & Video Producer

We’d advise any serious, hard-working career woman to add No Country for Young (& Old) Women to her reading list ASAP.


As you know and we clearly state on the “About the Chronicles” and “Behind the Chronicles” pages, The Common Ground Chronicles is all about giving everyday women a platform to have their voice be heard and hopefully connect with other like-minded women. Well, we know that we’re not the only game in town and every time we get a chance, we want to shout out other blogs that are doing what we’re doing in their own way. It is in this spirit that we have created the Rated Awesome feature series to salute blogs (and online magazines) we love that are by, for and about women. 

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