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The MisAdventures of Calamity J!– When Tuesday’s Chickens Come Home to Roost on Monday Night: The Myth of Tomorrow

Photo credit:  www.mkalty.org

Photo credit: http://www.mkalty.org

Over the last few weeks—okay, maybe months—if I’m being completely honest, years, I have developed a sophisticated system of procrastination. I tap dance on deadline dates; shimmy through morning routines while, giving myself a few more minutes before rising; ask myself “What’s one more hour? Day? Minute?”


Last night, it bit me in the behind…HARD! No I’m not lamenting over missed margaritas or sombrero shots at my local bar those days have long passed. And in my part of the world, Cinco de Mayo is just another day (couldn’t find a decent taco here if your life depended on it). However, one of my favorite people, and ardent supporters was born on that day. When I woke up in the morning, readying myself for the day, I reminded myself to call.  After a long day of business engagements, I was reminded by a family member and each time I said, “Yea! in a few minutes.”


Needless to say, when I crawled into my bed at minutes to midnight, the entire day had escaped me and I still hadn’t called.


Three months ago, I started an application for a very big grant award but it wasn’t due until today. Every week, up until now it has remained on my to-do list unchecked, because “I have time.” It’s due at midnight tonight and I will probably spend my entire day trying to scramble and but some semblance of a sensible application together before said time.


You might be thinking “what is the big deal?” “You can always call today,” and “the deadline hasn’t passed” and that is, to some degree true. However, today is not his birthday, though he’ll love me still, that was yesterday and my application— in all its last minute splendor—will be amazing because after all, I am a genius! BUT, I wonder how earth-shattering it might’ve been if I gave myself the extra time to perfect it.

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